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The first TimberWolf book, The Timber Effect was first released in 2016 in the United States and has been captivating readers on nearly every continent since then. Two more books in the series have followed since then. 

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The Timber Effect

Book I


Timber Brogan is a seventeen-year-old orphan with a dangerous secret she has successfully kept from everyone but her family for nine years. When a handsome new neighbor from her past moves in across the street, Timber's whole life turns upside down and her secret is exposed. Now Timber must face her dark past head-on and fight in a war she never wanted to be in.

The TimberWolf Effect

Book II


Nine-year-old orphan Timber Brogan was headed to an unknown future with her father's sister and her family.  Being half-human and a trained killer, Timber must learn to embrace her more human side and accept her new family despite her fear. But life becomes unexpectedly pleasant when she embraces her new life and allowed a group of girls at her new school to befriend her. Unfortunately, the price on her head is high and she finds herself fighting for life in the In Between and only the soul who loves hers can bring her back.

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The BlackWolf Effect

Book III


Timber and Henry are enjoying their lives as a young married couple in Fort Bragg when an unexpected pregnancy turns everything upside down. Henry and Timber are forced back to Haven to keep their newborn son safe but Haven is not safe with the threat of a massive attack led by Count Dracula. To save not only their family but the entire northern hemisphere, Timber and her husband Henry must train an army to aid them in the War of Realms.


"Heart touching love story"

"The plot, characters, lore, and the universe are very unique and felt amazingly captivating."

"I like Timber a lot. Imaginative girl, but very believably accepting of the world she lives in here. There are elements of magic and mystery, and she just accepts them as "the way things are". I like that."

"This story was enormously captivating to the point where I couldn't put it down! I was so disappointed that it was over but then I discovered that it's the first book in a series! I can't wait to keep reading!"

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