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Jacklyn Reynolds

Jacklyn Reynolds is an artist, writer, and author of the epic TimberWolf Trilogy. With over a decade of writing poetry and short stories, Jacklyn has a unique voice that shines through in her works. Jacklyn has a certificate in Classical Liberal Arts from Hillsdale College with an emphasis on American History and a Halloween Story Award for her short, Mortem Donatoris. Jacklyn Reynolds enjoys gardening, shopping, hoarding memories, and writing as a full-time career because being a professional unicorn was not a practical career choice.

2nd place winner of the Halloween Short Story Award in 2018

Paranormal Romance Rated 4 Stars ​by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite

This isn't just another love story...

Timber Brogan is a seventeen-year-old orphan with a dangerous secret she has kept from everyone but her family for nine years. When a handsome new neighbor from Timber's past moves in across the street, Timber's whole life turns upside down and her secret is exposed. Now, to protect her family and the ones she loves, Timber must align herself with her past and fight in a war she never wanted to be in.

Timber Brogan is looking forward to finishing her senior year, but the arrival of a new neighbor changes things dramatically in The Timber Effect by Jacklyn Reynolds. Luckily for Timber, Henry Santelli steps in as another neighbor, Greg, tried to attack her on her way home from a friend's house. Although neither one admits it, this is the beginning of an intense relationship that only grows stronger over the course of the school year. The trick is, though, that Henry is Timber's US Government and Economics teacher, and, because of his good looks and great personality, the object of interest of all the other senior girls. The real intrigue begins with an increase in paranormal activity that leads to Timber showing her true self – a stunning wolf – and Henry revealing his true nature as a werewolf. To protect family and friends, Timber and Henry have to help save Haven, the stronghold that safeguards a variety of paranormal creatures and this means confronting Timber's past.

Exciting action, plenty of paranormal characters, deep emotion, and a great home-town setting make The Timber Effect a wonderful story. The plot takes off from page one and keeps you turning the pages to see how everything will unfold as love, intrigue, and surprises pop up from all over – in both the real and paranormal worlds. Dedication and determination drive Timber to succeed in saving those she loves and she can't do it without the love and support of Henry and her friends.

The beginning of it all...

The beginning of it all...

Nine-year-old orphan Timber Brogan was headed to an unknown future with her father's sister and her family.  Being half human and a trained killer, Timber must learn to embrace her more human side and accept her new family despite her fear. But life becomes unexpectedly pleasant when she embraces her new life and allowed a group of girls at her new school to befriend her. Unfortunately, the price on her head is high and she finds herself fighting for life in the In Between and only the soul who loves hers can bring her back.

Timber Brogan Aesthetic

Henry Santelli Aesthetic


The story of Renegade Frost....

It was a time where men thought that the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the planet. It was a time when Vikings had been pillaging for a decade and the Chinese were suffering a great famine, driving them to cannibalism. Christianity was just starting to spread through the European countries and the Welsh kingdoms were freeing themselves from the influence of the Anglo-Saxons. It was in the country of Britain, under the rule of King Æthelwald Moll of Northumbria, in a coastal village of Durham, a small, and great baby boy was born. A boy who was destined to become the most powerful man in alive.

Timber and Henry are enjoying their lives as a young married couple in Fort Bragg when an unexpected pregnancy turns everything upside down. Henry and Timber are forced back to Haven to keep their newborn son safe but Haven is not safe with the threat of a massive attack led by Count Dracula. To save not only their family but the entire northern hemisphere, Timber and her husband Henry must train an army to aid them in the War of Realms.

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